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Beyond Green Jobs, Building Lasting Opportunities in Energy Efficiency is a book recently published by the UCLA Construction Academy, a project of the UCLA Labor Center and shared with ETA by Daniel Villao, Statewide Director of the California Construction Academy and member of the Secretary of Labor's Advisory Committee on Apprenticeship. 

What is the book about?  Beyond Green Jobs puts forth a foundation to bring energy efficiency to scale in a tough economy.  Some major points:

  • There are many shades of green.  Going deep green can provide the greatest benefits to the economy, the environment, and the community.
  • Deep green means lifelong opportunities for plumbers, HVAC mechanics, and other skilled construction craft workers.  Rather than receiving training to just replace light bulbs, a worker can become an electrician and have a career far into the future.
  • Many innovative programs across the country are creating good green jobs despite a tough economy.  These programs are forging diverse partnerships, creating high quality jobs, employing creative financing strategies, and generating demand for energy efficiency.
  • Knowledge of the construction industry matters.  Construction can exploit workers in dangerous and temporary dead-end jobs, or it can provide entry to stable, middle-class careers.  It is important to build upon tools that work. 

Also, check out photos of the launch party and download infographics from the book.