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Various resources focused on Green industries, clusters, supply chain and occupations.
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Appliance and Equipment Standards: A Money Maker and Job Creator 1102353 02/04/11 03:15PM02/04/11 03:09PM
Austin Green Job Task Force Initiative Report 1020360 11/04/09 09:14AM10/26/09 01:49PM
Clean Energy & Green Building Careers in the Silicon Valley Community Forum 937288 11/04/09 09:36AM10/26/09 11:31AM
Clean Energy Report 1338324 04/16/10 11:29AM04/08/10 05:59PM
DOE's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory: Energy Efficiency Workforce Education and Training Needs Report Download Now 18301180 05/20/10 11:36AM05/20/10 09:02AM
Energy Efficiency Services Sector Workforce Education and Training Needs Download Now 16181130 05/17/10 05:41PM04/16/10 03:40PM
Fact Sheet: Jobs From Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency 1293452 11/05/09 11:53AM10/26/09 01:38PM
Green Collar Jobs in America’s Cities 1327413 11/05/09 01:09PM10/26/09 07:42PM
Green Collar Jobs in the U.S. and Colorado: Economic Drivers for the 21st Century 1027309 11/05/09 01:12PM10/26/09 01:30PM
Green Jobs Guidebook 1425476 11/05/09 03:18PM10/26/09 11:20AM
Green Profile: Wind Energy Industry Download Now 12931356 04/07/10 03:50PM04/07/10 03:50PM
Greening of the World of Work: Implications for O*NET-SOC and New and Emerging Occupations 1400411 11/06/09 09:27AM06/19/09 09:33AM
Job Opportunities for the Green Economy: A State-by-State Picture of Occupations that Gain from Green Investments 1212436 11/06/09 03:10PM10/26/09 08:09PM
Making It Green in Minneapolis-Saint Paul 1038342 11/09/09 07:58AM11/09/09 07:58AM
Mapping Green Career Pathways: Job Training Opportunities and Infrastructure 4470912 02/18/10 11:34AM02/18/10 11:34AM
Measurement and Analysis of Employment in the Green Economy 40571030 01/04/10 10:54AM11/30/09 03:53PM
Missouri: Green Jobs Report Download Now 13631068 04/29/10 10:42AM04/06/10 03:48PM
New Study Explores Opportunities for Green Economic & Workforce 1208321 11/11/09 01:30PM10/26/09 07:56PM
Regional Performance The Red & Green Report 850301 11/11/09 01:59PM11/11/09 01:59PM
Report: Job Opportunities for the Green Economy: A State-by-State Picture of Occupations that Gain from Green Investments 1092374 11/11/09 02:21PM11/11/09 02:21PM
Survey of the Energy Industry Download Now 9661211 07/30/10 03:00PM07/30/10 03:00PM
The Greening of Oregon’s Workforce: Jobs, Wages, and Training 1340341 11/11/09 02:36PM10/26/09 01:52PM
U.S. Solar Policy Impact Analysis Download Now 1678972 05/20/10 08:24AM05/20/10 08:24AM
VIDEO: MIssouri Green Jobs Report 1320336 04/16/10 11:29AM04/06/10 04:25PM
Workforce Information Council (WIC) 1337359 01/04/10 10:58AM11/11/09 02:32PM