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Resources to aid the audience in identifying, connecting with and building partnerships as well as resource analysis information.
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2010 Good Jobs, Green Jobs Conference Flier Download Now 546500 04/16/10 11:32AM03/30/10 06:58PM
2010 Green Innovation Expo Download Now 586354 04/16/10 11:32AM03/30/10 06:59PM
California's Green Workforce Coalition 835244 11/04/09 09:18AM10/26/09 07:36PM
Clean Energy Corps 683216 11/04/09 09:41AM11/04/09 09:41AM
Connecticut Governor Signs Executive Order on Green Jobs 812264 11/04/09 09:53AM10/26/09 01:40PM
Connecting High-Poverty Areas with Green Jobs: Creative Partnerships with Access Points 755271 11/04/09 10:30AM11/04/09 10:30AM
DOL and EPA Green Jobs Web Portal 946269 11/04/09 10:58AM10/26/09 01:41PM
Green Collar Jobs Initiatives 569218 11/05/09 01:30PM11/05/09 01:30PM
Green Collar Jobs Initiatives 613200 11/05/09 01:15PM10/26/09 08:08PM
Green Collar Jobs: An Analysis of the Capacity of Green Businesses to Provide High Quality Jobs to Men and Women with Barriers to Employment 613222 11/05/09 01:34PM10/26/09 11:10AM
Green Enterprise Development – From Lean to Green 678253 11/05/09 02:43PM11/05/09 02:43PM
Green Spotlight: State Partnerships 787313 11/06/09 08:07AM11/06/09 08:07AM
Green Spotlight: State Partnerships 832331 10/26/09 01:36PM10/26/09 01:36PM
Imagining Newark’s Green Future 691223 11/06/09 03:09PM11/06/09 03:09PM
Metro-Denver WIRED Partners with iCAST 668281 11/09/09 07:59AM10/26/09 02:11PM
Michigan’s “No Worker Left Behind 589268 11/09/09 08:00AM10/26/09 08:04PM
National Business Learning Partnership (NBLP): Promising Practices; Accomplishments; Reflections; and Next Steps 565217 11/11/09 01:28PM11/11/09 01:28PM
Oakland Green Job Corps 642231 11/09/09 08:01AM10/26/09 11:13AM
Springfield-Holyoke “Gateway to Green Jobs.” 717253 11/09/09 08:11AM10/26/09 07:40PM
Stories and photos from Community Services Consortium in Oregon 707266 11/09/09 09:13AM11/09/09 09:13AM
Summer Camps Aren’t Just for Kids Programs Engage Science Teachers in Research 933239 01/04/10 10:55AM11/11/09 02:34PM
The Green Coast Innovation Zone 1221324 11/09/09 10:01AM10/26/09 07:34PM
U.S. Department of Commerce, Economic Development Newsletter 707213 11/09/09 10:04AM11/09/09 10:04AM
Veterans Green Jobs 970249 11/09/09 10:06AM10/26/09 07:46PM
Veterans Green Jobs Alliance 870238 11/09/09 10:06AM10/26/09 01:44PM
Workforce Strategies, Energy Efficiency, and Green Jobs - Session 2C 6346 12/28/10 01:34PM12/28/10 01:34PM
Youth Employment and Leadership Ladders (YELL) 996325 03/18/11 08:19AM03/18/11 08:19AM
Youth Energy Conservation Corps (YECC) 934272 11/09/09 10:07AM10/26/09 07:58PM