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Jennifer Pirtle
Posted: Jun 18,2009 03:52PM
Joined: 08/09/2005
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How are WIBs and One Stop Career Centers partnering with Green Businesses?
Jesse Aronson
Posted: Jul 12,2010 04:18PM
Joined: 07/12/2010
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I would also like to hear what other regions are doing to partner with green businesses. Any models that are working particularly well? Worksystems is the WIB in the Portland area and has received the Pathways out of Poverty and State Energy Sector Partnership grants. We are also a grant partner for the Energy Training Partnership Grant.

Our goal is to let business demand inform the types of training we fund for individuals. We currently have a Green Industry Team consisting of WIA and Oregon Employment Dept staff outreaching to target industry businesses. The team is promoting how the grants can support business and collecting data on company interest and projected hiring needs. If a green business has an immediate hiring need we look to fill those with OJT candidates. If they have future hiring needs we are seeking their participation to inform the workforce system of the types of training their new workers need. Our plan is to fund customized cohort training groups of participants that green businesses would then hire from.

Aside from a few larger and obvious businesses, we have had a difficult time identifying all of the green businesses that can benefit from grant support. Solar, Wind, and Green Building industry associations have been very helpful in getting the word out by presenting the grants as a resource to their membership.

Geri Scott
Posted: Dec 10,2010 12:24PM
Joined: 03/10/2008
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The Verdugo WIB north of Los Angeles is partnering with the municipal power utility, electricians union and local community college to create the Verdugo Power Academy, as a WIB project. The partnership started as a way for the utility to recruit trained new linemen with union instructors teaching courses at the community college for academic credit. The WIB is the convener of the partnership, and uses the One Stop resources for outreach, recruitment, assessment, job seeking skills workshops, and job development. The WIB also takes the lead in applying for grants, funder reporting, and participant tracking. The partnership has been in existence for 2 years, and the utility trusts it to the point of bringing new employers into the network.
Wendy Johnson
Posted: Jan 12,2011 01:03PM
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I have been seeking guidance from our regional Economic Developers, particularly the person who oversees the "Existing Industries" in the area. This gives me insight to the potential "Green" businesses as well as a name to connect the EDC with me, and get my foot in the door.
tammy johnson
Posted: Jun 01,2011 12:45AM
Joined: 05/31/2011
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In my area it is very difficult to get the green energy people to talk because everyone wants to look out for their own funding; however, when the WAP training came a lot of people have been trained in our area but at the state level no BPI training. My company is in the process of becoming BPI CERT. However, I noticed in each class I attended I was ALWAYS the only female. Women are now the head of household we NEED to address how to get them to buy into Green Jobs that are coming and I live in very Rural Area where unemployment is up & down 10-14%. The green jobs are coming but how to grow them with all people in mind is still an issue.
Theresa Floyd
Posted: Jun 02,2011 09:32AM
Joined: 12/08/2010
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Like many issues, it takes a simultaneous approach to creating the synergy and outcome, we hope for.

Our organization is moving slowly but consistently into these partnerships.

- We work with two separate "green energy" job clubs, who themselves are actively making contact with green energy businesses.
- The city and regional Economic Development Councils are actively seeking medium sized employers to move to our area. We provide them with updated demographic and skills information.
- We are aligned with several schools, which are training individuals with "green jobs" skills.
- At the risk of seeming political, we have formed a loose partnership with several of the professional and industrial organizations. They provide us with information about what is happening within the industry at a state and local level and tell us about changes in state/local laws, that might impact the industry and workforce. These organizations also help us locate "hidden" businesses, that are "going green."

At the individual level, I have watched women in our area become interested in "green jobs", when they began thinking in terms of "Green Home Makeover." They can imagine their role in this kind of activity, where they can't always see themselves as an electrician or plumber.

Wishing us all continued progress in creating a sustainable world.
Avi Dey
Posted: Dec 06,2011 07:04AM
Joined: 05/19/2011
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"Geothermal Heat Pumps" (GHP) is a near term proven tehcnology that can often provide "Hybrid" with solar for Mid-Atlantic Region States that needs protocols for community education and implementation where Solar element is less attractive than a state like Arizona or Texas. GHP is proven technology but nearly unknown to the communities here.

Use Community TV and public radio for comunity outreach and education possible in an affordable way.

Avi Dey
Twitter ID: waldenthreenet