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Topics : Data on socioeconomic background of green workers?

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Kyle Albert
Posted: Jun 29,2012 12:55PM
Joined: 12/04/2010
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I am starting the process of developing a dissertation topic around the topic of green occupations and am particularly interested in the question of "who gets green jobs" and implications for labor market inequality. Thus, I was wondering if anyone knows of any survey out there that might have collected data on the socioeconomic background of individuals entering green occupations. I have reviewed many of the state-level green job surveys and thus far all seem to be directed at employers and focused on anticipated hiring and skill/credential requirements - is there anything out there that asks green workers directly about their educational attainment, background before entering a green occupation, demographic characteristics, ect...? Any leads would be greatly appreciated!
Anthony Dais
Posted: Jul 10,2012 11:22AM
Joined: 04/06/2005
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No, I am sorry to report that I am not aware of survey that approaches the green workers in this way. That is not to say that somewhere in the country this is not being studied. Perhaps some of the State LMI, workforce information, or research and statistics program leaders will weigh in on this question with their extensive knowledge of state activities. Good luck.