The Greening of Oregon’s Workforce: Jobs, Wages, and Training

Posted by Chad Bullock - On October 26, 2009 (EST)

This report, The Greening of Oregon’s Workforce: Jobs, Wages, and Training, produced by the Oregon Employment Department, shows that the state had an estimated 51,402 green jobs in 2008.

The report, based on a survey of employers, found that green jobs accounted for three percent of Oregon’s private, state government, and local government employment. Green jobs were reported in all broad industry groups and were spread across 226 occupations.

The survey defines a green job as one that provides a service or produces a product in:

  1. Increasing energy efficiency
  2. Producing renewable energy
  3. Preventing, reducing, or mitigating environmental degradation
  4. Cleaning up and restoring the natural environment
  5. Providing education, consulting, policy promotion, accreditation, trading and offsets, or similar services supporting categories 1-4

The three industries with the most green jobs were construction, wholesale and retail trade, and administrative and waste services. Combined, these industries accounted for 47 percent of Oregon’s green jobs.

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