Transpark Center Brings New Business and Provides Customized Training for Kentucky Communities

Posted by Chad Bullock - On October 26, 2009 (EST)

Opened in August 2006, Bowling Green Technical College’s Transpark Center provides customized workforce training and specialized services to meet the needs of tenants, and existing and expanding area businesses. The Center was developed as part of an economic incentive package designed to recruit industry to the region, and Center is designed to function as a self-sustaining facility and specializes in industry training and apprenticeship programs
In addition to the certificate and degree programs, customized training, available on site or on one of the four Bowling Green campuses is offered.

The college has provided needed additional staff and worked with the center staff to insure that the collegial approach to leaning is blended into the industrial training model. Completion of the Transpark resulted in a number of national and international firms moving to the region. The Transpark is expected to bring over 2,500 jobs to the area by 2010.

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