Wallace State Forestry Program

Posted by Chad Bullock - On October 26, 2009 (EST)

The Wallace State agriculture/horticulture program is among the largest community college programs in Alabama and operates the largest two-year college facility. It is the only nursery with an agreement with the Forestry Commission to provide seedlings for forestry agency education programs. Wallace State currently provides 240,000 seedlings for use around the state of Alabama.
The Wallace State Agricultural Production/Horticulture program began in 1972, and the forestry portion of the program got its start in 1997 as the Jack Hopper Experimental Nursery. The certificate program is four semesters in duration. Students learn skills in greenhouse and nursery operations, landscaping and the principles of agriculture.

The program also allows students to gain hands-on experience, even packaging trees for shipping. They tend the seedlings while learning lessons in irrigation, fertilization, and nursery management, and have the opportunity observe the forestry process from beginning to end.

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