Greening Community Colleges: An Environmental Path to Improving Educational Outcomes

Posted by Thao Nelson - On April 13, 2011 (EST)

This brief highlights leadership by three community colleges in "greening" their operations, curricula, and communities, while simultaneously addressing local and regional employment and environmental needs. The emerging and expanding green economy has the potential to create not just jobs, but career opportunities across the United States as green manufacturing, products, and services fuel demand for workers at all skill levels. Community colleges are leading the way in defining and addressing these opportunities, developing programs in expanding fields from solar energy to green construction; creating new and better training programs for green jobs; and developing educational pathways that lead to the Associate's and Bachelor's degrees that are key for advancing in these emerging careers. The continuing recession and the prospect of longer-term changes in local economies provide opportunities for all community colleges to demonstrate their value by helping businesses and individuals adjust to challenging economic environments and increase their resilience and chances of prospering.

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