Green Jobs Report: The Northern Plains and Rocky Mountain Consortium

Posted by Ayreen Calimquim - On June 28, 2012 (EST)

In early summer of 2009, LMI organizations representing six neighboring states developed a strategy and drafted, reviewed, and submitted an LMI Improvement Grant application under the name of the Northern Plains and Rocky Mountain Consortium. The Consortium, comprised of the states of Montana (lead state), Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming, represented a geographic region with similarities and differences in economies, geographies, and workforce characteristics that would provide an excellent case study of green jobs, their impact on the workforce, and their role in today’s economy.

This project ambitiously used a multi-faceted approach to studying green jobs, relying on survey data collection, administrative records research, subject matter expert reviews of new and merging technologies, as well as other research methods to collect, analyze, validate, and disseminate workforce and related green jobs information.

At all times, an over-arching focus of the Consortium’s efforts was to invest in research that would not only enhance current knowledge and data available on green jobs, but that would also enhance existing state research capabilities.

This was a focus on capacity-building in its truest sense. The Consortium benefitted from increased experience in survey design, sampling, and weighting methodology; exposure to and experience with the latest research technologies and software; and improved coordination and communication strategies for interstate research.

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