Webinar: Registered Apprenticeship and Green: Building the New Economy

Posted by Jennifer Pirtle - On June 03, 2010 (EST)

On May 25, ETA hosted a Webinar entitled: Registered Apprenticeship and Green: Building the New Economy; The Office of Apprenticeship recently issued a report titled, The Greening of Registered Apprenticeship: An Environmental Scan of the Impact of Green Jobs on Registered Apprenticeship and Implications for Workforce Development.

This report is an environmental scan of the impact of recent policies and investments supporting “green jobs” on current and potential Registered Apprenticeship and other labor management training programs. The scan highlights the trends, activities, and changes that are underway in several key industries that will likely make up a significant portion of the emerging green economy.

This Webinar provided an overview of the report findings, focusing on the efforts underway among Registered Apprenticeship partners to prepare workers for employment opportunities and career pathways becoming available through the emerging green economy.

For more information on Apprenticeship, please see the Department of Labor's Apprenticeship Webpage or the Apprenticeship Community of Practice!

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